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History to our industry

About Rhinoflex

Established in 2004, RHINOFLEX has grown to be a well-known brand in the Mining and Mineral processing industries, Power generation, Cement and Steel Plants around the world, as well as the water and wastewater industries.
RHINOFLEX Valve Solutions distributes a range of Slurry Valves that are mainly used in EXTREMELY highly abrasive and aggressive applications, where the wear-life of the product is critical along with reliable performance. RHINOLEX has a slurry package of Valves and products that are second to none. We have been involved with slurry applications on an everyday basis so much so, that you will find our solutions, the right solution-first time. We know our subject matter very well and have products to suit every single application.
SLURRY EXPERTS: We have a range of valves that suite every different type of Slurry application. From High Pressures, to exotic materials, to the standard everyday type valves, we have it all under one roof, tried and tested.
API/Gen Purpose Valves: We know that all valves are not the same, just because they look the same. We have our expertise in this area and bring to the end user, a reliable, high quality product, that will ensure peace of mind when selected. RHINOFLEX has been a leader in DUCKBILL CHECK VALVES that are used for non-return, one-way check valve applications We offer them in various sizes and models to suit every specific application.
RHINOFLEX also offers a range of QUARTER TURN, LINEAR VALVE ACTUATORS and GEAR BOX DRIVES for Linear Valves, Pipe Clamps and couplings, Automation, Instrumentation, and accessories
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Our Mission

To provide the end user with a high quality product and the lowest price we possibly can,so you will definitely be guaranteed with extremely attractive pricing.

Our Vision

With a strong commitment to application focused products, extremely high quality, friendly service, value for money, and prompt deliveries, we at Rhinoflex look forward to being of service.